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We’ve tested many educational technology tools that teachers and students might not know are available to them. These are the tools we use routinely.

As much as possible, we use free/open source (F/OS) software. F/OS software is updated less frequently and generally does not have disruptive file format changes, making it easier to design routine workflows. F/OS software also makes it easier to bring in students to work on projects. Open-source tools also tend to have fewer add-ons gimmicks than commercial software. Even so, there are some commercial packages we think have features which make them worth their cost.

The lists group tools by types.

  • Most tools are cross-platform; those only available for Windows (W) or Mac OSX (M) are tagged as such.
  • Items marked with an asterisk ( * ) require a web server or hosting environment.
  • Overviews” and “Applications” link to blog entries or essays describing tools in more depth.

Programming, Coding Tools

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Content Editing Tools

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Data Extraction, Collection, Management

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Statistics, Data Analysis, Visualization

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Final Presentation, Publishing

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