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Teaching Genetics With Dogs

Project Links

  • None (updated 12/7/21)

Available Instructional Resources

Materials available for use under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA license include:

  • Library of teaching problems and datasets.
  • Collection of CC-licensed photos of dogs, tagged with their key traits & genotypes.
  • Training guides explaining how to score phenotypic traits.
  • Complete set student handouts needed for initial implementation.
  • Instructor guides for writing new cases.



“Mendel, Molecules, & A Cold Wet Nose”

This project used dogs and other canids as a unifying model for teaching basic genetics. Dogs are a student-friendly way to connect classical & modern genetics to anatomy, physiology, and function. The project developed a library of teaching problems, datasets, and photos tagged with key traits & genotypes. The project went on hiatus while moving to a different digital assets manager and platform.

The complete set of materials, student handouts, training guides, etc., is available for use under Creative Commons license.