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Our Team

Senior Team

A. Daniel Johnson, Ph.D.
Dept. Biology, WFU

Jed C. Macosko, Ph.D.
Dept. Physics, WFU

Sabrina D. Setaro, Ph.D.
Lead Data Scientist and Co-Developer
Dept. Biology, WFU

Meet the Rest of Our Team

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Project Team Members

NameLocationTeam, Roles
Albert Rives, Ph.D.Dept. Chemistry, WFUChembook lead author, testing instructor
Jack Dostal, Ph.D.Dept. Physics, WFUChembook evaluation design
David Horita, Ph.D.Chembook chief software coder and site manager
Alan BrownChembook user experience, assessment
Else Silva Lopez, Ph.D.Physiology & Pharmacology, WFUChembook content development

Undergraduate Student Partners

Since 2007, >25 undergraduates have contributed to various projects as content authors, copy editors, artists, coders, video creators, and reviewers. Several hundred students at 6 institutions have field tested our technology platform and resources. They grounded our thinking about what students and teachers need, contributed innumerable new ideas and insights, and challenged us to think differently.

The students below have given an exceptional amount of time and energy to various projects. We appreciate their contributions, which were vital to our success.

NameProject or Team, Roles
Jess HallSTEM Writing Program: alpha testing of peer reviewer codebook
Jessica MartinBioBook: co-author, lead student reviewer
STEM Writing Program: project development & launch
Tiffany BlackburnBioBook: artwork development and design.
Teaching Genetics w/Dogs: project development
Morgan BurtBioBook: artwork development
Andrew BlairCancer Biology: content design, collation, & course pack review
Kaitie BeetnerCancer Biology: content design, collation, & course pack review
Yana KleinBioBook: external resource development, training materials design
Heather TsaiBioBook: web design and layout for v2

Site Testing Partners

SiteTeam, RoleDates
Forsyth Tech Community College, Winston-Salem, NCPre-adoption testing of BioBook v21/12 to 3/12
Salem College, Winston-Salem, NCEvaluation of BioBook v18/11 to 5/12
Winston-Salem State University, Winston-Salem, NCEvaluation of BioBook v18/11 to 5/12
Guilford Tech Community College, Jamestown, NCEvaluation of BioBook v18/11 to 5/12

Technology and Development Partners

SRI International, Menlo Park CAAnalysis of effectiveness of digital vs. print reading modalities
Odigia, Winston-Salem, NC Technology infrastructure design and development for BioBook v1

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Funding Support

National Science FoundationDevelopment, assessment of automated STEM text analysis 8/17-7/20
Arthur Vining Davis FoundationDissemination of BioBook v3; development of ChemBook v17/14-6/17
EDUCAUSE/Next Generation Learning Challenges Scale-up and outcomes assessment for BioBook v14/11-12/12
WFU TechExplore Intramural GrantDevelopment, testing of first BioBook modules6/10-12/10
E.M. Kauffman Foundation Grant for Entrepreneurship Co-development of modular text model with undergraduates1/05-7/06