Our Students Are Unprepared

In 2013 the ACT stated that 1 in 4 (25%) of incoming students are unprepared for college STEM courses based on national pre-college tests.  NCES reports that 18% of non-completers of community college students had also failed their first year Biology class.

Students are unprepared for first year college level Biology classes and it isn’t getting any better.

Our Students Aren’t Succeeding

General biology is one of five “gateway” courses for college successWhy Us BioBook. A 2012 report by the National Center for Educational Statistics said a first year Biology class:

  • Is the 6th most frequently taken college course.
  • Is required for 14% of all awarded degrees in the United States
  • Is taken by 24% of all community college students.

However, back in 2011, the National Science Foundation reported that 1 out of 3 students taking a first year Biology class will fail that class the first time they take it.

Between over-filled classes to cumbersome textbooks, students have a hard time navigating much of the curriculum and don’t always ask for the support they need.

Our Students Need Change.

A traditional first year Biology textbook contains highly technical language, foreign concepts and massive amounts of content.  Combine those issues with crowded classrooms and limited one-on-one interaction with professors, students are naturally failing. We owe our students a better experience.

Advantages of using BioBook

BioBook offers multiple advantages to both teachers and students compared with a traditional textbook.

Advantages for Teachers:

  • Content can be reorganized, revised, or expanded to match exactly how they want to teach.
  • Teachers can monitor students progress in real time, and help those needing assistance before they fall behind.
  • Analytics help teachers decide what material their students find difficult, and what they have mastered.
  • Content errors can be corrected almost immediately.
  • Teachers can adopt BioBook without worrying if the campus IT network can support it. If students can reach the web with a standard browser, they can use BioBook.

BioBook supports classroom and action research. The Adapa Project (BioBook’s parent group) can provide validated published assessments, and assist with other research tools and services.

Advantages for Students:

  • BioBook is affordable as a student subscription is only $30
  • Content is integrated with interactive multimedia resources that bring biology to life.
  • Students can study topics in the sequence that makes most sense to them, and use the supplemental tools that match how they learn most effectively.
  • Social media tools support peer-to-peer collaborative learning.
  • Real-time self-assessment makes it easy for students to identify what they do not understand yet.
  • BioBook works on most any device with a modern browser. Use it on a cell phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop PC. No specific device is needed, nor the latest generation of hardware.
  • Cloud-based storage keeps users from losing materials if a particular device fails or is lost.