Learning has evolved.

BioBook was developed by a science education consortium, The Adapa Project, at Wake Forest University lead by Dr. Dan Johnson to change the way students learn Biology. After many years of watching students struggle to learn rudimentary Biological concepts, Dr. Dan Johnson and his team developed a more interactive “eSource” resourcewhat642 designed to enable students succeed.

With a simple internet connection, students are easily transported into an interactive and more enjoyable world of learning Biology.

Learning is easier.

Equally beneficial to both students and teachers, BioBook facilitates deeper learning in a more collaborative process online. Students learn more naturally as they process information repeatedly through multiple senses and in different contexts.

BioBook is built on nine general operating principles that reflect educational theories and best practices recommended by the National Research Council, AAAS, National Science Foundation and Vision and Change/PULSE Community.

  • Students gain deeper and more memorable understanding of concepts based on “inquiry” learning and collaboration with fellow students and teachers.
  • Multiple senses are utilized in different contexts appealing to a wider range of students with a broader range of learning styles
  • New knowledge builds upon existing knowledge as students have a scaffold on which to organize it
  • Each learner constructs understanding by a different path and receives individual support