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BioBook's Structure: Roots, Branches, and Leaves

In BioBook, concepts and information are organized hierarchically to create a "knowledge tree." The image below shows the basic parts of the BioBook Tree, which explained further down.

picture of tree with root, branches and leaves

LEAVES are the basic facts and content you need to know. This information does not change much from instructor to instructor. However, one instructor may want students to master certain concepts, while a different instructor emphasizes other topics.

BRANCHES are pages that connect different pieces of factual information together to create a larger story. Each instructor has their own way of connecting basic facts (Leaves) to build a story they want students to understand. Organizing information into Branches lets instructors connect basic concepts and ideas (Leaves) in many different ways. They can use existing Branches created by others, or write their own Branches.

ROOTS are the main principles that connect all the sub-disciplines of biology together. These principles span from individual molecules to the entire planet. The Roots chosen for biology are not arbitrary; they are based on experts' published recommendations(1).

1. AAAS. 2011. Vision and Change: A Call to Action. ISBN#: 978-0-87168-741-8; Link to PDF.

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