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BioBook's Tools and Features

Topic sites in BioBook are called 'Leaves', 'Leaves' are grouped into 'Branches' and 'Branches' are grouped into 'Roots'. (If you want to know more about the 'Root-Branch-Leaf' Structure, click here.)

Leaves contain information about one specific question. The question it answers is always the top header on the page.

Each leaf has information divided into different tabs:

image about BioBook content


The content tab includes text, images, and multimedia. Definitions are available via an interactive Glossary. Main and subtopics have clickable headers shown at the beginning of each page.

Learning Goals

Each leaf has a learning goal tab, so you immediately see what is most important to know for this topic.
  image about learning goals in in BioBook

image about related ideas in BioBook

Related Ideas

You can directly jump from one leaf into the next related topic. You can easily find related topics in the 'Related Ideas' tab.

My Progress

BioBook keeps track of your learning. Whenever you view a book page, BioBook remembers. This will help you to keep up with your reading.
  image about my progress function in BioBook

image about my highlights function in BioBook

My Highlights

You can highlight text on pages and save it. A "My Highlights" button appears when you have highlights saved for a page. Just click to display them. Remove highlights by refreshing the page and saving new highlights.


Want to write a note while studying and keep it handy? No problem, just enter your text in the notepad.
  image about notepad function in BioBook

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