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About Our Name

Where Did Our Name Come From?

The name Adapa comes from Babylonian and Sumerian mythology. Adapa was a mysterious demi-god who first brought knowledge (including science), wisdom, and arts and craft skills to humanity.

Adapa (also known as Oannes) was a mysterious demi-god and one of the “seven sages,” teachers who brought wisdom, technology, and the arts of civilization to humankind. The illustrations below show two depictions of Adapa, one as part man and part fish, the other as an almost ghostly figure.


Just as innovative teaching can look and feel strange at first, Adapa looked very strange. An ancient fable preserved by Berosus describes a creature half man and half fish that spent each day teaching people letters, arts, math and sciences, how to build (engineering), how to grow and harvest crops (agriculture), law, and how to organize a civilized society. Then each night Adapa retired to the sea.

Like all good teachers, Adapa did not create the final product, but rather empowered people to create it themselves. Through The Adapa Project, we hope to provide tools that teachers and students can use to build their own success stories.