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Welcome to The Adapa Project

The Project was an open consortium of college teachers, students, data scientists, code writers, and other like-minded people who had a shared goal to improve the STEM teaching and learning space. Using a shared set of guiding principles as a starting point we:

  • Conducted educational research in post-secondary STEM
  • Operationalized theories and research of others
  • Built teaching tools to leverage emerging information technologies
  • Shared our resources by training current and future college teachers
  • Promoted integrated, authentic assessment of teaching and learning

The Project Is Inactive Now…

Most of our team members have moved on to other jobs and projects. We’ve kept selected pages here as an archival record of the Project. Most pages have not been updated to reflect their inactive status.

…But Our Resources Are Still Available

The Projects pages summarize past projects and provide links to any related projects we are working on currently. Instructional materials that are still available are listed too. Contact Us to request specific materials or for more information.

Find Us

Physical Address
Wake Forest University
1834 Wake Forest Road
Rm. 226 Winston Hall
Winston-Salem, NC 27106