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Welcome to The Adapa Project

We are a non-profit open consortium of college teachers, students, data scientists, code writers, and other like-minded people who want to improve the STEM teaching and learning space. Using a shared set of guiding principles as our starting point, we:

  • Conduct educational research in post-secondary STEM, and operationalize theories and research of others
  • Build teaching tools that leverage information technologies, and train current and future college teachers
  • Promote integrated, authentic assessment of teaching and learning

Getting Around

The Adapa Project manages multiple sub-projects and web spaces. Use this portal to learn what we do and how to access our projects and resources.

Read about our philosophy and learn how we approach and develop projects under About Us.

Learn about our active, coming, and historical projects in the Projects menu. Each Project Summary page links out to the main site for the project.

Check out the Tools and Resources to learn what we developed or use in our projects.

Look for a list of research and collaboration opportunities under Work With Us!

If you are a student, you can learn how to be part of our team here.

Check News for stories about our projects, or see our curated list of RSS news feeds. Find posts and longer essays from our team under Blog.

Find Us

Physical Address
Wake Forest University
1834 Wake Forest Road
Rm. 226 Winston Hall
Winston-Salem, NC 27106